Trish Belczyk

Trish Belczyk was developed under the leadership of George Ferko. She was first promoted to DM by George Ferko V. 


Trish started working for Vector in May on her summer break from West Chester University and has been consistently working through school. She has sold almost $30,000 worth of product personally and coaches representatives all year round to sell alongside her. Trish never had a job before she started working with us because she refused to do busy work that would not benefit her future. After she finished training, Trish was promoted within ten days to Assistant Manager because of her positive attitude and commitment to learning. She now functions as our Sales Manager for our office and will be opening her own office in the Pennsburg area for the summer. Trish loves the management opportunities Vector offers because it really gives her the chance to give back to the world around her. Trish never considered herself a leader before she came to work with us. She's very excited to help coach her representatives into realizing their full potential this summer.

Matt Lunger

Matt Lunger was developed under the leadership of George Ferko. She was first promoted to BM by George Ferko V. 


Matt started with the company in July and worked for less than a month before leaving for college in North Carolina. He sold almost $10,000 worth of CUTCO in that brief period. He's a freshman at Wake Forest University where he plans to apply to the Business School and major in its Business and Enterprise Management program.

He credits Vector with helping him grow tremendously in a short amount of time. He has built confidence, honed his communication skills, and begun to view himself as a professional., all while taking on more responsibility in the office. His favorite aspect of working for Vector is the opportunity to surround himself with other people who are similarly driven, self-assured, and committed to the personal development of others. He loves learning and he can't wait to pay it forward to the new trainees."