Quentin Cody's Branch Letter of Commitment

Dear Mr. Wasserman:

As I approach the New Year, I embolden my commitment to my personal, professional, and financial growth. With the help of mentors like you and my District Manager George Ferko I intend to become the most enthusiastic and most prepared new branch candidate in the division. After laying a foundation of training and experience, I will execute my plan to run a branch starting in May 2017.


My competitive drive and desire to test my own limits play an essential role to run a successful branch next summer. As an active student, Marine officer candidate, rower, and fitness enthusiast, I consistently undertake responsibilities that push me to become my very best. Branch Management is one of the most challenging responsibilities that a person my age can undertake. This responsibility also requires that leaders engage their intellect to solve the problems with which they are faced. However, work ethic and intellect alone are not enough to create and lead a successful branch.


To me, leadership means cultivating great followers through strong relationships and active engagement. As a Branch Manager, I intend to interact with my recruits through PDI more than any other manager. Through the maintenance of active relationships, my office will be a culture where everybody belongs and desires to succeed. My office culture aims to promote the health, wealth, and success of all its members. I am aware that creating a culture from scratch is an incredibly difficult task. But difficulty should not be a reason to give up. I might fail, but I will not be discouraged. As prepared as I am to succeed, I am equally prepared to fail. However, the only true failure is failing to try. My persistence and dedication to greatness ensure that true failure cannot happen.

I look forward to working with you on the Powerhouse Division's Summer 2017 Branch Team.

Very Respectfully,

Quentin Cody